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Areas of Practice

Eating disorders
Interpersonal difficulties
Sleep disorders

Currently taking on clients 18+ years


With variations between individuals and presenting problems, it is difficult to adopt consistent treatment styles amongst all clients. Therefore, therapeutic approaches will be uniquely catered to each client’s individual needs and desired outcomes.

Naturally, the presenting problem will be given priority over and above other less pressing concerns. In saying that, as the therapeutic relationship advances, I endeavour to focus not only on the clinical concerns of a given client, but also strive to introduce to them a growth and values-driven mindset. This mindset can be applied to numerous domains of life and tends to provide people with a sense of purpose and direction, whilst encouraging them to focus on both long-term personal growth and finding meaning in day-to-day activities.

The three pillars of health play an incredibly crucial role in physiological, cognitive, and emotional wellbeing, yet they often take a backseat to other priorities. Movement, Sleep, and Nutrition – I believe ought to be given the time and effort they deserve, and so I tend to touch on these topics frequently within my sessions. Often, symptoms of a complicated presenting concern can be drastically alleviated by focusing on improving the quality of these seemingly simple yet fundamental areas.

It is important to note that therapeutic approaches and goals will be discussed and mutually agreed upon between myself and the client at intake. As the therapeutic relationship progresses, these approaches and goals will continuously be reassessed and appropriately amended.

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