About me

Anna Dekany. Brisbane New Farm Psychologist, therapist, performance coach


My professional career started in a private practice setting at which I worked at for three years. Here I worked with a largely diverse range of clients regarding age, culture, socio-economic status, and clinical presentations. I then ventured into a niche area, working with clients seeking bariatric surgery or other non-surgical weight loss procedures. I guided these clients through the life-changing process, working with them both pre and post-procedure. In many cases, I would keep them on as longer-term clients, addressing comorbidities or other areas of concern. I have now returned to and work solely in private practice.

Exploration, self care, psychology services, therapy, mental health help


Although I grew up in Australia, my entire family is Hungarian. I therefore spent much of my childhood living in between the two countries. Naturally, I feel a close connection to the European culture and lifestyle. My frequent visits to Hungary continued into adulthood and I used that opportunity to see many other European countries.

My passion for travel and nature only grew with age, and I have since had the privilege of exploring a large chunk of what this world has to offer. These experiences allowed me not only to discover the vast array of natural beauty, but also introduced me to many types of people, cultures, ways of thinking, and ways of living. It has created within me a sense of openness towards people and intrigue about the human psyche. It is safe to say, that travel has played a key role in my decision to become a psychologist and in sculpting the person I am today.

Exploration, self care, psychology services, therapy, mental health help
Passion, triathlon performance coach in Brisbane New Farm, endurance sports, fitness


In most of my earliest memories I see a physically active young Anna, being outside amongst nature. My parents made sure to constantly engage me in active hobbies and introduced me to many sporting disciplines from an early age. My love for competitive sport was sparked when I started gymnastics as a child, and so discipline and compromise were drilled into my personality early on. This path led me on to figure-skating which I pursued at a high level, making it onto the podium consistently at state and national level championships for about 6 years.

I took a break from sport for sometime, however missed it immensely. A few years ago I made my comeback and became involved in endurance sports and triathlons, completing my first marathon in 2021 and my first Ironman triathlon in 2022. My engagement in and dedication to triathlon has skyrocketed in recent years and has led me to excel in the field. I continue to compete in events as an age-group triathlete, and so it has become a very large and important part of my life and identity.

Endurance sports has opened my eyes up to just how much the human body and mind is capable of, how our bodies can be so brittle yet simultaneously how incredibly much they are able to endure. It has shown me that with a purpose and clear target to aim at, along with discipline and consistency, one’s limits become close to none. Without a doubt, triathlon and the accompanying lifestyle has given me clarity, knowledge, and wisdom facilitating positive changes both personally and how I practice professionally as a psychologist.